Men’s Healing Clinics

In 2014 the Healing Clinic Collective held it’s first Men’s Healing Clinic (MHC). The MHC was a beautiful and huge success, serving approximately 175 male-identified people from the 9-county Bay Area! We are currently exploring the possibility for a second Men’s Healing Clinic in 2016. Stay tuned!

The Men’s Healing Clinic (MHC) is a free traditional healing clinic meant to serve especially traumatized populations of men in the Bay Area. We provide free non-industrial, non-pharmaceutical healing treatment sessions to men and people that self-identify with male/masculine gender identities who suffer from physical, mental and spiritual illnesses resulting from systemic and personal traumas/abuse and that have the least access to holistic care.
The Men’s Clinic Organizing Committee is committed to creating a safe space for all people with masculine identities. We encourage all our communities to join us in redefining and healing masculinity in this space.
Members of the Men’s Clinic Organizing Committee are considering reconvening to hold a second Men’s Healing Clinic in 2015. For more information, contact Tré Vasques at:

Meet the Men’s Clinic Organizing Committee

CARLA M. PEREZ from the Healing Clinic Collective Core (Bio found on About page)

ANGELA ANGEL from the 2013 Women’s Healing Clinic and the 2014 E. Oakland Women’s Clinic (Bio found on Women’s Healing Clinic page)

is a working class student of life of Mexican/Native/Welsh descent originally from the desert lands of Ajo, Arizona. Growing up in a working class, copper mining town heavily affected by the militarization of the border, drug trafficking and environmental racism is what inspires his work and commitment to holistic healing for underrepresented communities. He is currently in pursuit of his education to practice integrative medicine formally. Tre is also an MC/ performing artist who uses music/spoken word/comedy as a means to inspire and mobilize.  He currently  lives in Oakland and loves: his family/ceremonial community, running, fishing, growing traditional foods and his beautiful wife.

Juan solo(1)
is a Mental Health Educator and Somatic Practitioner.  He provides access to traditional mental health practices, emphasizing the importance of including “our culture and our own healing methods” such as drumming, the use of herbs and cultural celebrations.

  • Provided intensive counseling in the area of Domestic Violence Prevention and Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Counselor for the Rape Crisis at San Francisco Women Against Rape
  • Incorporated somatic practices with men with sexual abuse history
  • Partnered to develop the Men Overcoming Violence (MOVE), first batterer intervention program in San Francisco
  • Launched the Latino Men Survivors of Sexual Abuse Group–the only one of its kind in the Bay
  • Developed a curriculum for 4th and 5th graders, using art as a medium to address issues of domestic violence
  • Assisted with Fruitvale resident’s youth and adults in the 20 Digital Story project to bring awareness of the impact of violence in their community
  • Presented on male issues at national and international conferences
  • Drum circle facilitator trained by Sal Nunez PhD.

Az Bio photo
, Public Health Institute, is currently a policy Analyst that manages an environmental program that includes air quality; land use, transportation and public health policy. As the Community Technical Assistance Coordinator for the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project – He managed the Environmental Indicators Project (EIP). It is a Bay Area community based organization working on environmental justice, economic development and civil rights.
Azibuike served as the director of the National Technical Assistance Program (NTAP) for Communities for a Better Environment (CBE) from 1998 to 2003. He provides scientific and technical expertise to community groups addressing industrial pollution problems residential exposure and campaign planning.
In additional Azibuike had been a staff scientist at Communities for a Better Environment for 7 years. He has lead successful environmental campaigns such as: Ban MTBE, Dioxin, and others. He has also published several articles on Environmental Justice.
He currently provides technical training on pollution monitoring and toxic site investigation to community groups and grassroots organizations. His particular area of expertise is Toxic Site Investigations. In addition to his work at ICBE, Mr. Akaba has worked as Industrial hygienist technologist, and served as an expert witness on ground water contamination and petrochemical accident related issues. He is a certified hazardous materials specialist.
Azibuike likes walking meditations in forests and swimming in the oceans and rivers.  He loves to create art with children, and is now the proud father of his beautiful daughter, Nikita Atma Ricky Akaba.

was born in Toronto, Canada, raised in San Diego, CA with roots from Valparaiso and Temuco, Chile. He is of Indigenous (Mapuche) and Spanish (La Rioja) decent. He works as a spiritual activist in the movements for food, environmental and healing justice. As an inter-generational organizer and cultural activist, he is a practicing musician, poet, artist, and studying traditional healing praxis with his elders, ancestors and fellow youth activists.
Marcelo is a second-generation (r)evolutionary, continuing the work of his parents and other relatives who were politically and culturally active in the Unidad Popular movement in the 1960s and 70s in Chile. Honoring these roots in Third World Left politics, Marcelo works to transform ancestral and inter-generational trauma through integrating science, spirituality and social movement towards social justice.
He has worked for various organizations committed to growing food justice and food sovereignty, including People’s Grocery and Planting Justice in Oakland, CA, as well as collaborating with Phat Beets Produce, Via Campesina and Friends of the Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra (MST). He is also a member of the BadAss Visionary Healers (the Babes), a queer/trans, Person-of-Color-centered collective committed to the radical praxis of healing justice, integrating the traditions of disability justice, sex positivity and radical survivor movements through politicized healing and healing-based politics.
Marcelo is also a third-generation musician, with roots in (r)evolutionary Chilean Nueva Canción y musica folclorica. He came up as a young DIY musician in punk, metal and hardcore and currently plays electric guitar and sings in Xican@, Mestiz@, anarcho-feminist punk band, nepantler@s as well as composes his own music under multiple names.
Marcelo is also committed to the project of popular education and Ethnic Studies. After dropping out of high school at 17, Marcelo returned to his education through California community colleges and eventually received his academic training in Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley, completing his B.A. and M.A. in 2009 and 2011 respectively.
Lastly, Marcelo is a young danzante/mitotiani with Calpulli Huey Papalotl in Berkeley, CA. He currently works at Pie Ranch in Pescadero, CA as the Youth Programs Manager.


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