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The Beloved Community Healing Clinic is just around the corner!

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 Women’s Healing Clinic 2015:
Womb Wellness & Maternal Health


Dearest Community ~ The organizing committee of the Womb Wellness & Maternal Health Healing Clinic would like to apologize for omitting a very important part of our intention in our outreach flyer. This clinic is for anyone who identifies as a woman, including Trans Women, and Trans men with female organs. One of the foundational goals of the HCC is to create a space where gender non-conforming people can feel safe and receive loving care. We would like to invite our Masculine of Center & Trans Men community members to come receive quality care around womb wellness or any other aspect of healing at this upcoming clinic!

This year we are proud to be collaborating with Bay Area Midwives & Qilombo to hold our 4th Women’s Healing Clinic focused on Womb Wellness & Maternal Health.  Birthing children into the world is described by most cultures and traditions as the most sacred and fundamental event of humanity.  It is also widely held that our birth experience has a profound impact on our emotional and psychological development far into our adulthood.  A natural process that is highly complex, yet simple, and driven by an ancient knowledge that all females hold in their genetic memory. However, childbirth, as experienced by our most precious resources of water and air and soil, has been turned into a profit-making industry regulated by male politicians and corporate entities making this foundational and intensely intimate experience highly transactional and disempowering. The Healing Clinic Collective will bring  of our love, respect & person-centered approach to all women and female bodied people who attend the Clinic this year for healing and support related to birth and many other aspects of “reproductive” care.
This Clinic will be held in West Oakland in June and will follow the neighborhood-based organizing model of the 2014 clinics. We are happy to have 2 West Oakland-based women of color on our Organizing Committee and will be targeting our outreach in the West Oakland area. We are also aiming to recruit as many volunteers and practitioners as possible from W. Oakland to create the shared experience of this kind of collective healing model so that folks will be able to work together to replicate it for other groups of W. Oakland residents in the future, is they so desire. (See Women’s Healing Clinics page to meet our new Organizing Committee members).

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The Men’s Healing Clinic
A Traditional Healing Free Clinic for Men & Masculine-Identified People

Saturday November 22, 2014

First Congregational Church
2501 Harrison Street
Oakland, CA

The *Men’s Healing Clinic (MHC) is free traditional healing clinic meant to serve especially vulnerable populations of men in the Bay Area. We will provide free non-industrial, non-pharmaceutical healing treatment sessions to men and people that self-identify with male/masculine gender identities who suffer from physical, mental and spiritual illnesses resulting from systemic and personal traumas/abuse and that have the least access to holistic care.

The *Men’s Healing Clinic Collective is committed to creating a safe space for all people with masculine identities. We encourage all our communities to join us in redefining and healing masculinity in this space as we commit to not police or judge each other’s gender identities, experiences, or presentations.



Men's Clinic Fundraiser

Carla’s Birthday Fundraiser for the Men’s Healing Clinic
Sat, Oct 25
@ La Estrellita Cafe
446 E. 12th St, Oakland
Sliding scale suggested donation $20-40
(Nobody turned away for lack of funds)

❈ Live performances by DJLN, Los Nadies, Las Nepantleras, Tre Natro and More!
❈ Raffles & items by local artists for sale
❈ Grassroots support for the Healing of the People


2014 Healing Clinics:

  •  Women’s Healing Clinic- East Oakland- June 1014
  • Women’s Healing Clinic- Richmond- August 2014
  • Men’s Healing Clinic- Oakland, Bay Area- November 2014

more tba


Healing Clinic flyer_Eng-page-001La Clínica de Sanación flyer_Esp-page-001

Women’s Healing Clinic 2013

Friday & Saturday- November 8-9, 2013

FREE!  10am – 5pm, First Come- First Serve Rolling Sessions

Humanist Hall

390 27th Street

Oakland, California

(FREE & metered street parking available)
Offering free, high quality natural medicine and other non-western healing techniques including:

  • Acupuncture
  • Nutritional and Ayurveda Counseling
  • Yoga in Spanish/Bilingual
  • Gem Stone Therapy
  • Herbal & Flower Essence Consultations
  • Limpias/Energy Cleanses
  • Somatic Bodywork
  • Reiki
  • Chakra Alignment
  • Theta Healing
  • Jin Shin Jitsu
  • Massage Therapy (deep tissue, acupressure, Mayan massage, abdominal, womb)
  • Counseling/Therapy Sessions

*Childcare available

*Practitioners available in English & Spanish

for more details:  Angela Angel,


The intention of the Women’s Healing Clinic (WHC) is to provide traditional healing sessions to women and female-identified people in some of the most vulnerable populations in the Bay Area.  The Healing Clinic Collective (HCC) will be offering solution-oriented support in the form of a 2-day free clinic that includes mechanisms for ongoing healing and resilience post the clinic.

>>Directions & Transportation to Humanist Hall

27th Street, Oakland, is a Freeway exit off of Freeway 980, a branch of 880.  Broadway and Telegraph Avenue, running parallel North and South,are near this exit.  Telegraph Avenue is only 2 blocks from this exit.  There is only one block between Broadway and Telegraph at 27th Street. 
Humanist Hall is in the middle of this block of 27th Street on the North side of the street.

Buses stop on Broadway at 28th Street and on Telegraph at 27th Street and go to downtown Oakland where BART stops at 19th Street.  Bus  1  stops at Telegraph and 27th Street. 
Bus  51  stops at Broadway and 28th Streets.



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