Our Vision & Intention

The Healing Clinic Collective came together with a very intentional mission: The bring Healing to the People. As healers and social justice organizers, our goals and intentions are formed with a sacred and political framework:

  • To walk our missions and to share our gifts and medicines with others in reciprocity towards Great Spirit
  • To provide loving traditional healing sessions to people from especially traumatized populations in the Bay Area within a framework that is both sacred and political, specifically for persons who are:

– Domestic violence survivors
– Sexual assault survivors
– Persons in recovery/rehabilitation
– Previously incarcerated
– Overworked and under-cared for
– Low-income
– Undocumented

  • To build relationships between persons in need of natural healing (spiritual, mental or physical) and practitioners in the Bay Area
  • To encourage the resurgence of ancestral ways of healing and health care; to re-establish reverence, respect and legitimacy of non-industrial forms of healing and health care
  • To provide a safe space for queer and two-spirit people to receive healing care
  • To serve as a model for sacred, Earth-based, ancestral services to be offered to people in need without a capitalist/for-profit end

Who We Are

The Healing Clinic Collective is comprised of 5 Core Collective members. We are healers and social justice organizers. An Organizing Committee is formed to plan and manifest each individual Healing Clinic. The Organizing Committees include all or some of the HCC Core, plus additional members that bring expertise around the specific neighborhood and/or the particular focus of that Healing Clinic.
The HCC is an autonomous project housed within the Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project (MG). MG is also our political home.

Meet the HCC Core Members:





CARLA M. PEREZ is a dedicated mother and community organizer of Native Mezo American and Spanish heritage residing in Oakland, California. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 1999 with a BS in Conservation & Resource Studies with an emphasis on Environmental Racism. She has worked on issues of environmental justice and sustainable agriculture with community groups from Yucatán, Mexico to Bay Area environmental justice communities such as Richmond, East Oakland and Bay View Hunters Point in San Francisco.
Prior to joining Movement Generation in 2007 as a co-founder of the Justice & Ecology Project, Carla spent 8 years as staff at Communities for a Better Environment (CBE). Carla is certified in Popular Education Training and Permaculture Design.
Today, as a member of the MG collective, Carla leads MG’s Resiliency and Permaculture work, including the Earth Skills Training Program. She is also the founder of the Healing Clinic Collective, an autonomous project housed withing MG which offers free traditional, non-industrial healing to some of the most vulnerable populations in the Bay Area.
Carla actively organizes in her spiritual community, convening women’s circles and leading or participating in rites of passage and healing ceremonies. Carla’s hard work is done in dedication to her daughters and to the Spirit of Creation.

is the founder of ReCLAIM (Resisting Colonial Legacy And its Impact on Medicine) Midwifery & ReCLAIM Healers Collective.  Her roots in Detroit and Honduras, as well as her travels to Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa have shaped her work in demanding and creating access to midwifery care for all underserved communities, especially in urban areas, and in weaving traditional healing practices with western medicine.
Sara is a Certified Nurse Midwife and Nurse Practitioner in Women’s and Transgender Health, and currently serves in Oakland California as a home birth and birth center midwife. She is a co-author of Freeing Ourselves, a Guide to Health and Self Love for Brown Bois, the first health guide to centralize the voices of masculine-of-center people of color in reshaping gender justice and holistic health. Central themes in Sara’s professional and personal life are building autonomous healing communities and reclaiming sacred indigenous science and healing traditions. Sara is now also the proud mother of Ruby Quetzal Flores-Bourdeaux!

SUZANNE SNYDER L.Ac. is a California Licensed Acupuncturist and Clinical Herbalist. She earned her Masters of Science in Chinese Medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. She has studied under the great Acupuncturist and herbalist, Robert Levine, O.M.D in Berkeley, and studied and worked along side Dr. Li Fang Liang, in San Francisco, CA, master Acupuncturist in the field of fertility and women’s health.
Besides her own private practice, she has had other work experiences that have enriched her practice and her life…like interning with Survivors International in Oakland, California using Acupuncture to treat a population of refugees and immigrants who had survived torture and/or war trauma in their home countries, working at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco to help rehabilitate stroke patients using acupuncture, and volunteering as a Chinese medical practitioner at the Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic, a non profit clinic in Oakland California that offers free complementary and alternative medical treatments for underserved women with cancer. She also worked at Ananda Nagar in West Bengal, India treating a wide variety of conditions in a community clinic atmosphere.
Suzanne practices medicine with a joy that is grounded in a great personal respect for Chinese Medicine, Earth-based cultures approach to health and healing and deep respect for humanity.  She is informed by her many years of study and practice in the world of holistic medicine.

Sumi_head shot
SUMYAIH FRANKLIN is a doula and student midwife.  She firmly believes that when you are called to do something, it lies in the very fabric of your being.  For her, that is healing work.  As a womyn of Afrikan descent she finds it very necessary to practice the art of Sankofa– to know where one is going they must first know where they came from. With this principle as a pillar, she currently holds a B.A. from San Francisco State University in Africana studies.  Her dream is to be of service to as many womyn and female identified people as possible, in assisting them in their becoming pregnant, birthing experience, and post-partum care.  Currently, she is under Andrea Ruizquiz tutelage and humbly bows to fulfilling her calling.

lavendar small
ATAVA GARCIA-SWIECICKI, MA, RH (AHG) is inspired by the healing traditions of her ancestors and loves connecting people to the amazing and healing world of medicinal plants!  She has been studying and practicing healing arts for over 20 years and has an undergraduate degree from Stanford University and a graduate degree from Naropa University Oakland.  Atava is a professionally registered clinical herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild and is also certified in both Acupressure and Jin Shin Jyutsu®. She has taught in schools and universities throughout Northern California, including San Francisco State, UC Berkeley, JFK University and the California Institute of Integral Studies.
Atava has a clinical practice and small school in Oakland, CA.  Atava’s teaching and healing work is a unique and powerful combination of herbal medicine, flower essence therapy, therapeutic dream work, spiritual counseling, curanderismo and energetic bodywork.
For two years she supervised the low cost herbal clinic in Berkeley, which serves a diverse population of people.  For the past 8 years she has volunteered as a clinical herbalist at the Charlotte Maxwell Center in Oakland, which provides complementary medicine to low-income women with cancer.
As a healer, Atava is committed to grassroots health care that provides health care access to people based on need, not just based on income.  She also is dedicated to helping preserve “the people’s medicine” of folk and indigenous healing practices alive in our communities.
Atava’s business, Ancestral Apothecary, also manufactures a small herbal product line. Her website is: http://www.ancestralapothecary.com.


TRÉ VASQUEZ is a working class student of life originally from the desert lands of Arizona. Growing up in a rural copper mining town heavily affected by the militarization of the border, drug trafficking and environmental racism is what inspires his work and commitment to healing for underrepresented communities. He is currently in pursuit of his education to practice integrative medicine formally. Tre is also an MC/ performing artist who uses music/spoken word/comedy as a means to inspire and mobilize.  He currently  lives in Oakland and loves: his family/ceremonial community, fitness, fishing, growing traditional foods and his beautiful wife.


For information regarding the Healing Clinic Collective contact:
Carla Perez, carla@movementgeneration.org

For information regarding the Women’s Healing Clinic contact:
Samyiah Franklin, samyiahfranklin@gmail.com or

For information regarding the Men’s Healing Clinic contact:
Tre Vasquez, x3patli@gmail.com


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