Hello, beautiful community!

We wanted to share that, as a collective, we are STILL smiling since the Gathering on April 10th. We feel so blessed to have such an amazing circle of volunteers, practitioners, organizers and healers!  We had an amazing time and feel rejuvenated for this upcoming cycle of powerful work. Thank you all for making it possible!

We want to invite you all who were unable to make the Gathering to stay connected! We have several events coming up this year including the Community Healing Clinic- November 2016! 

For individuals who would like to make a monetary donation , provide input that support HCC work/network, and support clinics or events through volunteer work, please check out:



 The HCC would also like to say THANK YOU and much love to our 2016 volunteer members and recent donors:

Guillermo Ortiz, Maria Lewis, Margarita Camarena, Cadelba Lomeli-Loibl, Renata Tervalon, Paloma Pavel, Shequan Zavala, Lucia Kimble,Suguey Hernandez, Yania Escobar, Lalis Vasquez, Angela Aguilar, Rachel Bryant, Peregrine Whitehurst, Kelly Elizabeth Ortega, Atava Garcia Swiecicki, Adilia Torres, Alejandra Olguin, Sharon Lungo and Laura Vincent


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