Healing Clinic Collective Happenings 2016!

Greetings, Beloved Community!

Wow, it was a busy year! And look it’s already 2016…

The Healing Clinic Collective is excited to share our 2016 changes and plans for this forthcoming year.

We have expanded our Collective and the HCC now has Staff! After being almost fully volunteer since our inception in 2013, we are happy to announce that Tré  Vasquez is now a part time staff person of the HCC!  As of October 2015 Tré who served as co-coordinator of the Men’s Healing Clinic, officially joined us as an HCC core member and Programs Assistant! Welcome Tré! We are excited and fortunate to have him with all of the many qualities and experience that he brings to this sacred work. Carla remains in her role as Lead Coordinator and is so happy to be working with Tré and the rest of the Collective members to keep our work moving in a fiercely loving way.

We are full of gratitude as we look back to where we started from- when the prayer for community Healing Clinics was simply a seed we were planting.  We have learned so much from our work in the last 3 years. The 2015 Womb Wellness Clinic and Youth & Young Adult Healing Clinic were beautiful experiences and brought together many new volunteers, practitioners and community members to become part of our network and community.

Since our first 2-day Women’s Healing Clinic we have:

Served 1200+ people from the Bay Area and beyond including all women, men, gender non-conforming & two spirit people, elders, youth, immigrant communities and more.

Witnessed our network of practitioners grow quickly and beautifully – there are now 110 Practitioners that have offered their healing in our clinics!  Thank you for sharing your gifts!

We have also been blessed with an amazing crew of 100+ volunteers who have invested their time, care, and hard work into building stronger, healthier communities. You all make the clinics happen, thank you!

Seen at least 5 additional clinics coordinated by HCC practitioners, volunteers or attendees using the model of the Healing Clinic in various locations. This is so amazing, as one of our central goals has been to create a replicable model! Our prayer is to keep seeing healing clinics blossoming all over!

We are in the works of planning our 2nd Annual HCC Gathering to be held April 10th in Oakland.  We are super excited to share this moment with our community of practitioners, healers, volunteers and organizers. This gathering will give us an opportunity to reunite with many individuals who have been involved with the clinic over the last 3 years. We can’t wait catch up with our beloved community, share stories, break bread and vision for the future! Please keep an eye on our website for more info on the gathering. Location TBA.

In addition to the gathering, we have also been in the visioning/planning stages for our 2016 Community Healing Clinic which will welcome ALL people, cultures, genders, identities, ages, and walks of life.  As always, we strive to keep inclusivity and unity as core principles in our philosophy. We have seen how powerful it is when we can bring our whole selves and heal as individuals- we also know that this is a reflection and movement of greater wellness on a community, family, and global level . Be on the lookout for more details on the COMMUNITY HEALING CLINIC Fall 2016!

As most of you are aware, the Healing Clinic Collective is a grassroots project. We are so grateful for  all of the love, time and work that Clinic volunteers, practitioners and donors have given. You all make the Healing Clinics possible so that our community members in need can receive the holistic care they deserve while we continue our movement to restore and re-awaken our connection to ancestral and natural ways of maintaining balance and wellness. We have heard from many of you who are looking for ways to stay connected between clinics, build stronger connections, and be in communication with the  network of volunteers and practitioners that have worked with us. We welcome all past Clinic volunteers and practitioners to become official Volunteer Members of the Healing Clinic Collective! Please don’t hesitate to reach out for more information on how to join our volunteer membership at: healingcliniccollective@gmail.com.

Until next time and with much love & respect,

The HCC Crew


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