Healing for the People in 2015

2015 Womb Wellness & Maternal Health
Women’s Healing Clinic

Giving Thanks for Our Amazing Work!

This March the Healing Clinic Collective turns 2 years old! It is hard to believe that in 2 short years we have successfully organized 4 Healing Clinics to bring Healing to the People of the Bay Area and beyond.
We stared with the first Women’s Healing Clinic in November of 2013 – a 2-day clinic that served 400 women-identified people from 13 different cities including our very own Oakland and surrounding Metro Bay cities, to as far away as Modesto and Sacramento!
Last year we held 3 Healing Clinics in a 6 month span.  The 2014 Clinics include 2 Women’s Clinics (one in deep East Oakland and another in Richmond), and the first Men’s Healing Clinic, which served 150 male-identified people.
All together we have served over 900 people with free traditional, non industrial, non pharmaceutical healing treatments in and around the Bay Area!

Our Plans for 2015

The Healing Clinic Collective has 3 exciting things planned for this year:

  1. The Gathering of Healing Clinic Volunteers & Practitioners. We are currently organizing our first annual Gathering of HCC Volunteers & Practitioner! We have received numerous inquiries and requests from Healing Clinic volunteers and practitioners about how to stay involved with the Healing Clinic Collective, how to support clinics outside of the days of operation, and wanting to build relationships with others in our network of healers and volunteers. The HCC healing clinics are a very special experience based on values that unite sacredness and liberatory politics that people in our network share. Many have been inspired by the collective healing and grassroots organizing approach to our work and want to learn more about our vision and organizing model. We hope this Gathering will support others who want to replicate the Healing Clinic model and provide space for community building. It’s gonna be fun!
  2. Women’s Healing Clinic 2015 – Womb Wellness & Maternal Health Healing Clinic. This year we are proud to be collaborating with Bay Area Midwives to hold our 4th Women’s Healing Clinic focused on Womb Wellness & Maternal Health.   This clinic is being offered to anyone who identifies as a woman, including Trans women, as well as Trans Men and anyone with female organs. This Clinic will be held in West Oakland in June and will follow the neighborhood-based organizing model of the 2014 clinics. We are happy to have 2 West Oakland-based women of color on our Organizing Committee and will be targeting our outreach in the West Oakland area. We are also aiming to recruit as many volunteers and practitioners as possible from W. Oakland to create the shared experience of this kind of collective healing model so that folks will be able to work together to replicate it for other groups of W. Oakland residents in the future, if they so desire. (See Women’s Healing Clinics page to meet our new Organizing Committee members)
  3. Healing Clinic for Youth. We will be organizing our first Healing Clinic for Youth in the fall, which will be held in mid-November. We are beginning to explore partners and a location for this clinic, and are happy to be bringing the awareness and politic around ancestral healing to the young people of Oakland, SF, Richmond and the broader Bay.

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