Healing Clinic Update and 2014 Clinics


We have received many expressions of gratitude & support  for the amazing work the Healing Clinic was able to provide to our communities.  While the initial intention of the Healing Clinic Collective was to solely organize the 2-day clinic last year, the response and huge need for this space was so overwhelmingly clear, that we have decided to continue the work!

We will be holding two 1-day Women‘s Healing Clinics this year.
They will be smaller in scale, neighborhood based, and in collaboration with grassroots leaders from those neighborhoods. As of now our plan is to hold one in (deep) East Oakland in June, and the second one in Richmond in August. We chose these places because they have a large population of women in mental, emotional, social and health crisis with significant barriers to holistic care. The dates are still tentative until we confirm locations, but our plans are:

E. Oakland Women’s Healing Clinic-  Early June 2014
Richmond Women’s Healing Clinic- Early August 2014

The Healing Clinic Collective (HCC) sees this healing work as a form of political work. Serving 400 women-identified people with free, natural, ancestral healing treatment without bringing in industrial or pharmaceutical techniques (like what you get a “medical doctors” office or regular hospital) makes a very big statement about how much people lack access to the kind of healing they need, and that healing and health care should not be designed to be a money-making business open to people with a certain income & the right documents, but to actually HEAL people! Our vision includes building with communities who want to be able to offer this resource to their neighborhoods without needing to depend on anyone to do it for them, because this is what we feel makes people powerful and resilient – being able to bring the solutions they know they need, in the way the need it, to their folks without involving mainstream agencies that don’t always have their best interest in mind.

Lastly, the initial vision of the Healing Clinic work also included organizing a 2-day Men’s Healing Clinic this year, and a Healing Clinic for Youth in 2015.

Please Stay tuned for specific dates and locations on the clinics. 


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