Men’s Healing Clinic 2014

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The Men’s Healing Clinic
A Traditional Healing Free Clinic for Men & Masculine-Identified People
Saturday November 22, 2014

First Congregational Church
2501 Harrison Street
Oakland, CA

FREE First Come First Serve Sessions
Offering free, high quality, natural medicine and other traditional healing techniques

The *Men’s Healing Clinic (MHC) is free traditional healing clinic meant to serve especially vulnerable populations of men in the Bay Area. We will provide free non-industrial, non-pharmaceutical healing treatment sessions to men and people that self-identify with male/masculine gender identities who suffer from physical, mental and spiritual illnesses resulting from systemic and personal traumas/abuse and that have the least access to holistic care.

The *Men’s Healing Clinic Collective is committed to creating a “safer space” for all people with masculine identities. We encourage all our communities to join us in redefining and healing masculinity in this space as we commit to not police or judge each other’s gender identities, experiences, or presentations.

*Men = a complex spectrum of masculinities and gender identities that includes, but is not limited to: men, bio-men, cis-gendered men, queer men, transmasculine, transmen, bois, two-spirit, gender non conforming, gender queer, gender fluid, masculine of center